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And I'm wondering if this rings a bell with you. Indeed, it did. Jay-Z said he didn't have the emotional tools required for a marriage, but through therapy and Beyonce's support, he's working towards gaining them. Our emotional cue is 'Be a man. Don't cry,'" he said, mentioning his song Song Cry, in which he raps: "I can't see 'em coming down my eyes, so I gotta make the song cry.

Because of that, Jay-Z said: "I like to believe we're in a better place today. I'm proud of the father and the husband that I am today. Jay-Z said he shares his story in case someone watching who has lost hope in a relationship relates to it and thinks, "Let me stick with this and come through the other side. I see how that looks. All we saw is people fleeing," he told Letterman. The divorce rate is 50 per cent. We never see people who say 'OK, let's work through this. I love you; I love my family. The rapper told Letterman that he has long known that his mother is a lesbian, but it wasn't until he was recording that album that the two spoke about it.

He said the conversation was so emotional that he began crying. The next day, he sat down and wrote Smile. Jay-Z's lyrics often centre on his father, Adnis Reeves, who abandoned Carter, Jay-Z and his three siblings when the musician was 11 years old - leaving behind a deep emotional scar. When Beyonce was pregnant with the couple's first child, Blue Ivy, Jay-Z rapped a mission statement: "My dad left me and I promise never repeat him. I don't say anything about recieving her texts for 2 months. Over this time she finally admits cheating and that he is so much better than me at sex, treating her right, and he does what she wants.

During this time she pays our debt off, gets tattoos with him matching I love you tattoos , goes to shows with him, buying clothes ect. With the money I'm making. So this is where revenge starts. I put a freeze on the account for a month in that time I change every password to every account to things she won't guess Army jargon slang terms. I block her on fb and my phone so she has no way to contact me.

She lost her car to repo a few months later, got kicked out of her place, had to sell her prized shoes and purses just to stay alive. I then find out she got a job at her old restaurant. So I post all the text conversations I have with her and the guy talking about having babies that have time stamps on it as well as post conversations we had with the matching time stamps showing all of our friends what she has done.

I then have friends call and complain at her job constantly on both he and her.

Redditors who have walked in on their S/O cheating, what were the next 30 minutes like?

They work at a restaurant so I also have friends dine and dash. They both get fired. So she tries to call my command and tell them that I am abandoning her and she cant provide for herself. My commander knows what is going on. He does nothing because he had something similar happen.

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Then about a month before I come back she calls me from another number to tell me she is pregnant with his kid. Mind you I'm still gone so we cannot get divorced yet. April 24 She calls me 5 months pregnant crying uncontrollably asking me where she should go. Apparently they have a giant blow up fight she tells him she is leaving.

She says she doesn't know where to go and I simply say "Sorry not my problem anymore.

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  • "I Almost Cheated on My Husband." Why This Story Is More Common Than You'd Think.
  • Fast forward January of this year. She calls me from a mutual friends phone. Me: "Maybe, you don't cheat on your husband when he is deployed for some guy who talks a big game. Me: "No but I'm glad I know I'm not the bad guy in this story. Her: "He is cheating on me with 2 girls. I'm sorry. I regret everything I did.

    I fucked it all up. All in all this woman destroyed my life. Put me into a deep depression I'm still dealing with.

    But I do feel a little better having proof that I wasn't the problem. To think if this happened even 10 or 5 years ago I would have come back to a empty bank account, an empty house, as well as seeing my then wife pregnant with another man's baby. She actually hit me up yesterday to ask for some money to help cover rent I realized I left out that we got divorced before the kid was born so I have no financial responsibility to her haven't now for almost a year. I mainly used Tmobile's Digits service to clone the phone.

    Google it I don't feel like typing it. Also no I wasn't celebrating that she was physically abused I did tell her to call the cops but that's all I did. It's not right to abuse someone but I also have no responsibility to watch out for her well being.

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    Sometimes it is best to simply let them wreck their own lives. She did. Well executed sir. Yea she did.

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    I never thought I'd hear her say "I really fucked up i had it good. Sometimes you have to leave people to their own devices, cause their own stupidity will be their downfall. And when they wreck their lives they have the audacity to try to return or ask you for help. It might seem petty, but I wouldn't help someone that screwed with me.

    Someone who prizes shoes and purses when they are trying to save to start a family is immature at best, shallow at worst.

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    You may not have realized what kind of person she really is, but she showed you. You dodged a bullet, buddy!

    Yea definitely. She had 3 purses that were 1k a piece. But yet I was a bad husband I bought a PS4 I already had a xbox she lost her shit exclaiming it was a waste of money. Yea totally waste like those purses you have that do so much. Dodged a bullet? Dude dodged a fucking Nuke! I hate shallow women that blow their money on shit! Get yaself a homely woman bro! I'm so hapoy about my other half! She puts everyone else first all the time! Best of luck bro!

    [Serious] Cheaters of Reddit, how did your affair start and end?

    The right woman will come in good time! I remembered the exact date for a reason. It was extremely satisfying. Though out all the stress, challenges and total bullshit you went though, hats off to you. You handled this with class and dignity. You will move forward in your life and in a few years, if she keeps going the way she has so far, you will pay her back in spades when she has a front row seat to the life she exploded.